What do you need anything else for, anyway? I'm a 'sarcastic little bitch' (apparently), a grammar nazi and I think I reached the end of the internet the other day. I had literally seen everything there is to see. So I guess I better make something new to read...

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Words are Coming Out All Weird

God bless the internet. Teh interwebz giveth and now it's taketh away. Due to my moronicity, I have fallen out with IG. IG is a guy (who I have never met) that I talk to on MSN. We talk about anything and everything and tbh he is a nice little release from 'real life'.
However, I made a rubbish joke about something I shouldn't have made a joke about at all and, although he hasn't fallen out with me per se, I do feel extremely bad and it's as though things have changed somewhat between us.


Emo: Like goth, but for pussies.

So I will leave you with this question: Does life suck? If you have bad things going on in your life, does that mean it sucks? What if your life is better than someone else's? Does it still suck? Does smiling make things better? DOES LIFE FUCKING SUCK?

Personally, I say no! Life is awesome.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Bright White Stars

Hey! First post!
Why have I decided to start a blog? I love to write and I'm pretty much halfway through my first novel (I'll try not to talk about that tooooo much tbh). I get a little stuck now and then and I read that a blog was a good way of releasing your writing potential by writing freely... or basically writing shit and exercising your fingers.

I'm in my second year of an Access course at college - don't know what an Access course is?
'Today we'll be learning about reinforced floors, and how you too can do this at home...'
Well judging by this picture, Google images thinks an Access course is full of fat men with drills. I can hereby denounce this as untrue. Access courses are the equivalent of A-Levels for people like me - who fucked up at school and rather than studying hard for GCSEs went and sat in the park getting stoned. My aim is to go to university, if they'll have me. My UCAS form is apparently at three different universities for English Literature and History and has been for over a week now. I have heard nothing yet.

Applying for university is a pretty daunting and stressful time for me tbh. I know where I want to go (my top choice!) but I'm pretty sure I know where I'll end up going (my bottom choice; my safety net). I can't stop looking at the university website online. I have a slight obsession with 'looking everything up'. I know more about my top choice uni than probably most of the students that go. And there's another thing - current students. Gawd, I bet they're all young and fashionable. It'll be terrible.

Of course, I know I'm going there to learn, but still, I need to know what I'm up against.

History girl sandwich. Nom nom nom. 

Good god. This is what history students look like. I'm unsure whether to cancel my application and just go for Literature, or rejoice that for once I might actually be the coolest person on the course.

Well, I have an essay to write, about the Suffragettes. Then I need to go in the kitchen and make my man a sammich.

Take it easy x